My name is Neel, and I make things happen.
In particular I design and implement electronic systems for medical use. I got my start testing Ethernet switches at 15, and continued with internships and research positions during high school and college. I have experience in the medical device industry and an M.S. in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley. There are two main thrusts in medicine and healthcare today that require my engineering expertise.
Personalized Health Information
I have experience working at the interface between cloud and body, collecting physiological data and developing analytical tools for diagnosis.
Augmented Surgical Capabilities
Precise surgical procedures require precise electronic control. I have experience designing precision control systems and developing simple user interfaces for such tools.
Let me help you.
I can help you realize your vision. You can check my credentials and my prior work on this site. If you have specific questions about my capabilities or would like to begin quoting a project, please contact me. My talk is cheap - I am happy to discuss your project with you and how I can help you make it happen - for free.